Tutela della riservatezzaSite registration requires you to submit personal informations needed to grant the quality of services offered to users.




Storage of personal data


Data provided during registration are stored only on the server of the site, which is regularly backed up to limit the risk of loss.


Processing of personal data


The information provided is used in order to allow access to services for the creation and validation of site content, in particular e-mail address and institutional website address are used to check that the identity of the registrant corresponds to the stated one. The email address will be used for service communications such as registration, change of profile according to request, the registration expiration warning, successful publication of an article, ... The only data that will be published are the username, compulsorily used to sign articles and their publication, and those that the user decides to make public.


Security of personal data


MathVerse.org uses a secure SSL connection: all data exchanged is encrypted so that no one is able to read them. We also use virus and spam filters and, more generally, all available means to prevent attacks on its integrity, but we can not provide full warranty in this regard. In any case the user is responsible for the secrecy of his login details and legally liable if it is established that any attack on the site was carried out using his credentials.


Changing of profiles


Users can send the appropriate form to request a change of their registered profiles: transition to a profile with greater responsibility will require the provision of information concerning validation, and will be activated only in case of success of the authentication process. Switch to a profile of less responsibility will be granted automatically only for the profiles of researcher, moderator, tutor, while for the other profiles a confirmation will be required in view of what follows.

  • Removal from student profile involves the cancellation of the registration for the corresponding tutors.
  • Removal from teacher profile involves the cancellation of the registration for the corresponding students.
  • Removal from dean profile involves the cancellation of the registration for the corresponding teachers and students.

Each user is free to decide at any time the cancellation of his data in accordance with the above: he must notify his decision using the appropriate form and, on receipt of confirmation, his registration will no more be valid.


Changing of conditions


It may happen that it is necessary to modify the conditions of personal data protection: this will happen by unilateral decision of the administrator of MathVerse.org, it will be immediately notified to all users who will have to decide, in the light of changes, whether to keep registration or cancel it.