Learn with MathVerse.orgFor those who want to engage in further study of mathematics MathVerse.org provides educational resources adapted to a flipped learning type of didactic. Site's courses have the standard form of explanatory videos interspersed with intermediate tests for the verification of concepts, with a summative final assessment of skills acquisition. The final assessment has type pass / fail without graduation of the outcome, since it serves as a filter to decide whether the student meets the minimum standard required to demonstrate mastery of the subject in a test purposely prepared by the teacher.

Anyone can take advantage of site’s courses by registering with the role of student. You can also register with the role of tutor to see the results of your children, with the role of teacher to manage groups of students and with the role of dean to observe the advancement of the work of your faculty and student groups.

Teachers can propose new courses providing the corresponding material by means of the corresponding contact form: if proposals will be considered worthy of publication and if adequate resources will be available, the new courses will be implemented.